Covid 19 Vaccination Centres

As of 11th January the first seven mass vaccination centres came into operation – the nearest one to us being Epsom Racecourse. These sites will provide extra capacity and allow us to protect all of our vulnerable patients as quickly as possible. Initially our patients of 80 yrs and over will be invited to attend one of these sites – which will be within a 30 – 45 minute radius of your home.

These mass sites will complement our local sites and do not replace them. If you receive an invite and already have an appointment locally you do not need to do anything other than attend your local appointment.

You will only be able to book your appointment at the mass vaccination site if you have received a letter. Please do not try to make an appointment if you have not received an invite. Also, please do not just turn up at a vaccination site hoping to get a vaccination without an appointment. This is not possible.

It does not always follow that your spouse will receive a letter or invitation at the same time. Please be assured that no one will be forgotten. This vaccination programme is massive and there is enough vaccine for everyone. You may decide to wait for your spouse to get an invite and you can book your appointments together – it is your choice.

You do not have to go to a vaccination centre far away from your home – again it is your choice. You can wait to be invited at a local centre like Woking – but you may have to wait longer for your appointment.

Please do not contact your practice if you have not received an invite yet – we cannot help you to book into the vaccination centres. We are unable to expedite an appointment and your call or contact may prevent a patient who needs our medical help from getting through to us. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.